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Jason O'Connor is a professional Web consultant specializing in Web design, programming and marketing and is the owner of Oak Web Works, LLC. He has helped countless individuals and organizations get online for the first time. And I have also seriously improved existing Web properties for clients all over the world.

O'Connor also owns and operates e-commerce websites and blogs. He's designed and created hundreds and hundreds of websites. He's also created and implemented a multitude of e-marketing campaigns for businesses in a wide range of industries. And he has programmed many Web applications that are on production websites today, churning up data as you read this.

Jason OConnor has also been a webmaster for high-tech start-ups and large organizations alike. He's worked as a Web person in some capacity before, during and after the Internet bubble. Jason has done Web work for M.I.T, Intel, and New York Times best-selling authors. I buy and sell Web properties. And Jason currently design, builds, manges and markets many of his own websites today.

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